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City of Austin i-team data shows that 232,896 households are at risk of displacement in Austin!

City of Austin Anti-Displacement Task Force Final Report:

University of Texas Study on displacement in Austin’s gentrifying neighborhoods:

  • “Absent major interventions by the City of Austin and other stakeholders, these residents—who are largely low-income persons of color—will be pushed out farther away from opportunity and dislocated from their communities. In the process, neighborhoods that have historically been home to African-American and Hispanic residents will lose their cultural character and become enclaves for largely white and wealthier residents.”
  •  “Efforts that are equally distributed throughout the city will likely fail to operate at a sufficient intensity to meaningfully offset displacement pressures in neighborhoods that are being swept by a rising tide of gentrification.”
  • “Meaningfully reducing displacement will require an ironclad and sustained concentration of efforts and resources in the places that need them most.”

 Following graphic published by the Community Impact Newspaper.